Task 6 summary

Task 6: Biological applications: cooper bacteria, urchin translation and TGF-beta signaling network.




This task aims at applying the methods to three real applications.

Control of biomining bacteria in bioleaching process of cooper minerals. (Coordinator: D. Eveillard / A. Maass)

This question is actually handled with integrative biology approaches, new developments are needed to integrate dynamical consideration in these approaches. Thus it appears to be a very good concrete example of applications of our goal to integration time consideration in meta-analysis, in order to switch from static model to chronological models.

Crossover in TGFbeta signaling network (Coordinator: M. Le Borgne / N. Théret)

Some partners of the program have had a strong collaboration to propose an integrative view of events related to the regulation of the protein TGF-beta. Presently TGF-beta signaling is modeled as an interaction graph. The challenge is to transform this graph into a discrete event model including temporal constraints on events.

Initiation of translation in sea urchin (Coordinator: A. Richard / R. Bellé)

For this biological question, a chronological model is available, together with very precise temporal observations. Therefore this example is a typical application for the switch from a chronological model to a chronometric model.