Engineer job offer

Position offer in Nantes. Recruitment of a bioinformatics engineer: temporary contract (CDD), 24 months) from september 2011.

MeForBio (IRCCyN, UMR 6597) and ComBi (LINA, UMR 6241) are two research teams working on systems biology. They are members of Atlanstic CNRS research federation (FR 2819). In the frame of Biotempo ANR project (, a position of bioinformatic engineer is opened in Nantes, starting on the 1st of september for a duration of 12 months (with a possible extension to 24 months). The project contains the implementation of a web portal and the development of softwares issued from the scientific results obtained by the project research teams. The portal should be opened for future developments.

Job description:

Location: The recruited engineer will be integrated in the ISO 9001 certificated bioinformatic platform of Nantes (UMR 915, Institut du Thorax) headed by Gérard Ramstein. He will have to visit with regularity the research teams implied in the project.


Engineer in Biostatistics with fixed term contract (30 months)

Salary: Between 1600 and 2100 net euros per month depending on experiences (approximately 23000-31000 gross income per year).

Contact If your are interested in this offer, please send a CV, a cover letter and two references to